Natural pools, rivers and lakes for bathing in Murcia

Natural Pools rivers lakes Murcia

Enjoy the adventure of discovering areas in the midst of nature where you can take refreshing dips, stroll through places filled with greenery and take in impressive waterfalls. In this post we’ve selected a number of the most spectacular natural pools, ponds, waterfalls, rivers and lakes that you can find in Murcia.

In order to enjoy your trip to the utmost, look for good dates when you can avoid the crowds. In some of these places, in the months of July and August, you may have little room to yourself. We advise you to wear pumps so you can walk over the rocks, and to avoid exposing yourself to the midday sun.

Natural pools, rivers and lakes for bathing in Murcia

El Salto del Usero, Bullas

El Salto del Usero, is a natural setting located in the interior of the municipality of Bullas, in the Northwest of the Region of Murcia. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful natural spots in the Region.
Access to the place is very straightforward and is clearly signposted. There is a parking area where the path begins. Since it is a protected area, accessing with pets, food and drink is totally prohibited.

El Salto del Usero, piscina natural en Murcia
Natural Pools in Murcia. El Salto del Usero in Bullas.

➡Location of Salto del Usero in Google Maps: Location of Salto del Usero

Alhárabe River in Moratalla

The Alhárabe River is a tributary of the Segura River, which rises in the hamlet of El Sabinar, and crosses the northern part of the extensive municipality of Moratalla. It’s a river of crystal-clear waters with well-preserved river ecosystems and fantastic spots for a refreshing dip.

As for access, we recommend entering from Camping La Puerta campsite, since at this point there are ideal areas for bathing. You can stroll along the river until you find a place for a dip, take some photos or enjoy a snack.

Río Alhárabe, Moratalla.
Natural Pools in Murcia. Río Alhárabe in Moratalla.

➡Location of  Alhárabe River in Google Maps: Camping La Puerta


Somogil thermal pool, Moratalla

The Somogil pool is located about three kilometres from Camping La Puerta. It consists of a genuine thermal pool in the midst of nature where you can enjoy bathing in warm and cold water. The water rises from below at a temperature of 24ºC and flows towards an escarpment of about 10 metres high, forming a waterfall when it rains heavily.

Piscinas naturales Pozas Somogil Murcia
Natural Pools in Murcia. Somogil thermal pool in Moratalla.

➡Location of Somogil thermal pool in Google Maps: Baños de somogil


The Chícamo river in Macisvenda, Abanilla

The Chícamo River is a natural place of great interest in terms of its geology and plant and animal life. It rises in the vicinity of Macisvenda, in the northeast of the Region of Murcia, and only 5Km from the province of Alicante. The area we take you to has a host of places where you can refresh yourself and rest in the shade of the trees.

From the beginning of the route –see location– we have areas that are marvellous for bathing. However, the most spectacular aspect of this natural landscape is the beautiful route that we need to take until we reach the Chícamo pools. It’s a case of following the river downstream for about 25 minutes. Along the route, you’ll need to cross the river from one side to another over the rocks and fallen logs.

Pozas Piscinas Naturales Murcia Río Chicamo
Natural Pools in Murcia. River Chícamo in Macisvenda, Abanilla.

➡Location of The Chícamo river in Google Maps: El Chícamo


Caputa Spring, Mula

Caputa Spring is a wet area of ​​natural origin located in the municipality of Mula. It’s a foaming mass of water that gushes from the earth. The water flow increases along its route before emptying into the river Mula. During its course it forms various natural pools that are suitable for bathing.

The route begins at the source of the Caputa Spring –see location-. In this very spot there’s an area where you can leave the car. Since the route is not signposted, we’ll give you a series of instructions so you can get there without problems. Once you’ve arrived at the source of the Caputa Spring, you need to ford the stream along the path that follows downstream along its right-hand bank.

Pozas, piscinas naturales, Murcia, Fuente Caputa
Natural Pools in Murcia. Caputa Springs in Mula.

➡Location Caputa Spring in Google Maps: Caputa Spring, Fuente Caputa


El Jarral, in Abarán

In the municipality of Abarán, in the El Jarral Park, there is a small beach with shallow waters and several dams. The Jarral is a resting place for sportsmen or adventurers who descend the Segura River on adventure craft. So it’s easy to see lots of adventurers downriver on huge banana boats, canoes or kayaks, usually from the municipality of Blanca.

The Jarral has a picnic area and enough room to leave the car. However, in high season you may have problems finding room to park.

Natural Pools in Murcia. El Jarral in Abarán.

➡Location of El Jarral in Google Maps: El Jarral en Abarán


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