Natural pools, rivers and lakes for bathing near Alicante

Enjoy the adventure of discovering areas in the midst of nature where you can take refreshing dips, stroll through places filled with greenery and take in impressive waterfalls. In this post we’ve selected a number of the most spectacular natural pools, ponds, waterfalls, rivers and lakes that you can find near Alicante.

In order to enjoy your trip to the utmost, look for good dates when you can avoid the crowds. In some of these places, in the months of July and August, you may have little room to yourself. We advise you to wear pumps so you can walk over the rocks, and to avoid exposing yourself to the midday sun.

Natural pools, rivers and lakes for bathing near Alicante

Las fuentes del Algar, Algar Waterfalls

Fuentes de Algar
Natural Pools in Alicante. Algar Waterfalls.

Algar springs are a spectacular natural setting where you can enjoy great scenic beauty and crystal clear springs that gush out of the rocks. It consists of a 1.5km long route along the Algar River. Bathing is allowed, and you can cool off in the different areas consisting of streams, natural pools and huge waterfalls.

As for access, it’s very easy to get there by car. There is private parking, where you can leave the car all day for 3 euros. There is also a picnic area, WC, first aid, shops and restaurants. The entrance fee is 5 euros.

Location of Algar Waterfalls

El Barranco de la Encantada, Planes

Piscinas Naturales Alicante Gorg del Salt
Natural Pools in Alicante. El Barranco de la Encantada, Planes.

El Barranco de la Encantada is a protected area of ​​incredible beauty. There you’ll find beautiful areas such as the Gorg del Salt waterfall that cascades into a very large pool with crystal-clear waters.

El Barranco de la Encantada begins in the vicinity of Beniaia and runs through the municipality of Planes. All together, the Barranco de la Encantada covers more than 8 kilometres of wild ravine, forming a setting of great scenic beauty and varied animal and plant life. This spot is 12 km from the town of Planes, and from there you can enjoy a very straightforward walking route.

Location of Barranco de La Encantada

Source of the Vinalopó River (bathing is not allowed)

Toll Blau, Nacimiento del Río Vinalopó
Natural Pools in Alicante. Source of the Vinalopó River.

El Toll Blau is a lovely waterfall that forms near the source of the river Vinalopó, in Banyeres de Mariola. It’s a hidden spot encountered after following a charming path that skirts the Vinalopó river. The beauty of the landscape is captivating along the whole length of the river, with its crystal clear waters. However, getting to this privileged corner of the Sierra de Mariola is not easy. You need to negotiate a tiny hidden path that crosses the waters of the river. We explain how to get to this spot in our post about The Route to the Source of the Vinalopó River. Also, if you feel like hiking, you’ll find constructions related to the exploitation of the river: ponds, ditches, mills, dams and farmhouses.

Location of Source of the Vinalopó River


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