Seven curious places to visit in Alicante

Places to visit in Alicante

Discover hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in Alicante. Here is a selected list of seven places you really must see.


The cave of Canelobre is a karstic cavity hidden away in the Sierra del Cabezón de Oro, specifically in the municipality of Busot. Along the tourist route through its interior it’s possible to spot stalactites and stalagmites with impressive shapes that spur the imagination. Water and rock have given rise to curious formations like dragons, animals or famous people. In addition to their geological and tourist interest, the caves are used as concert halls, taking advantage of their excellent acoustics. Accommodation in Busot.

Cuevas de Canelobre, Busot
Curious places to visit in Alicante. The Cave of Canelobre in Busot.


Algar springs are a spectacular natural setting where you can enjoy great scenic beauty and crystal clear springs that gush out of the rocks. It consists of a 1.5km long route along the Algar River. Bathing is allowed, and you can cool off in the different areas consisting of streams, natural pools and huge waterfalls. As for access, it’s very easy to get there by car. There is private parking, where you can leave the car all day for 3 euros. There is also a picnic area, WC, first aid, shops and restaurants. The entrance fee is 5 euros. See more information about Natural pools, rivers and lakes for bathing near Alicante.

Fuentas de Algar
Curious places to visit in Alicante. Fuente de Algar.


Los baños de la reina (the queen’s baths) are made up of a series of ponds excavated next to the beach and directly into the rough stone, which are connected to each other and in turn to the sea. Given the presence of mosaics, apparently from wealthy Romans, it was at first thought that it was devoted to the bathing of nobles. Hence the name The Queen’s Baths. However, today we consider them rather to be the remains of a fish farm used to keep small fish intended for salted fish production alive. We can find these types of sites on the beaches of Calpe and El Campello. Accommodation in Calpe.

Lugares curiosos para visitar en Alicante
Curious places to visit in Alicante. Los Baños de la Reina, El Campello.


The lagoons of La Mata-Torrevieja are located in the south of the province of Alicante and are used for the exploitation of salt. This wetland is of great importance for the lifecycle of numerous species of birds. It’s also recognised as being one of the nature reserves with the largest population of flamingos in Spain. The reserve has bird-watching places, pine forest areas and picnic areas. Accommodation in Torrevieja.

Flamencos en al Parque Natural de las Lagunas de la Mata y Torrevieja
Curious places to visit in Alicante. Parque Natural de las Lagunas de la Mata y Torrevieja.


La Cova Tallada de Dénia cave is cut into the cliff-side of the Cabo de San Antonio. It was used to extract gravel or grit for constructing the castle of Dénia, among other buildings. The cave can be reached by sea in canoe or by a route that runs along a cliff. Both routes are recommended. The cave is spectacular. Its bottom is flooded with seawater and its cavities have impressive shapes. Accommodation in Dénia.

Cova Tallada de Dénia
Curious places to visit in Alicante. Cova Tallada de Dénia.


El Toll Blau is a lovely waterfall that forms near the source of the river Vinalopó, in Banyeres de Mariola. It’s a hidden spot encountered after following a charming path that skirts the Vinalopó river. The beauty of the landscape is captivating along the whole length of the river, with its crystal clear waters. However, getting to this privileged corner of the Sierra de Mariola is not easy. You need to negotiate a tiny hidden path that crosses the waters of the river. We explain how to get to this spot in our post about The Route to the Source of the Vinalopó River. Also, if you feel like hiking, you’ll find constructions related to the exploitation of the river: ponds, ditches, mills, dams and farmhouses. Accommodation in Banyeres de Mariola.

Ruta por el río Vinalopoó en invierno
Curious places to visit in Alicante. Source of the Vinalopó river.


The Vinalopó castles route transports us back to the past, to a time of castles, princesses and knights. This cultural route offers us a clear testimony of those fierce battles that were fought in the Vinalopó Valley. The route shows us the castles and fortresses of Banyeres de Mariola, Biar, Villena, Sax, Elda, Petrer, Novelda, Aspe, Elche and Santa Pola. There are also other routes of castles and spectacular forts in the province of Alicante: a province full of history and culture.

Castillo de Villena
Curious places to visit in Alicante. Vinalopó Castles Routes.

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