9 Hidden Gems in Murcia You Must Explore

Lugares curiosos para visitar en Murcia

Are you in the mood to visit magical places you didn’t even know existed in the province of Murcia? Even if you love traveling and have toured half the world, you’re sure to be surprised by some curious and unknown places to visit around you. There are so fantastic places around the world that we often struggle to decide on a destination and forget to visit the closest corners.

9 Hidden Gems in Murcia You Must Explore

Abandoned places, paradisiacal spots, places that seem straight out of a fairy tale, or places of incredible natural beauty. Get ready to discover the most curious corners of Murcia!

A Dreamy Spot: Las Fuentes del Marqués

Las Fuentes del Marqués are one of the tourist attractions of the municipality of Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia. Located just two kilometers from the city, it is an ideal place for a stroll or a picnic in contact with nature. The area has wide green spaces and trees that provide ample shade. Additionally, it has areas with tables and resting places ideal for spending a good time outdoors.

El gua. Las fuentes del Marqués, Caravaca de la Cruz

Alien Mountains at the Abandoned Mines of Mazarrón

Visiting the Abandoned Mines of Mazarrón takes you back in time and leaves no one indifferent. It evokes endless stories of hard work, sacrifice, and camaraderie that starred the workers of that desolate place. As you enter the mining area, you will start to see mountains, with yellow and red hues, that seem to be from another world. This photogenic scenario is completely abandoned and made up of buildings in ruins that shake anyone who visits them.

Paisaje de los edificios en ruinas de las Minas de Mazarrón

The Largest Functioning Arabic Water Wheel in Europe

The route of the water wheels in Abarán is a journey of about 4 kilometers in which you can visit 5 Arabic water wheels that represent the agricultural wealth of Abarán in past times. The Noria Grande is the largest of all and is classified as the largest functioning Arabic water wheel in Europe, with a diameter of almost twelve meters. The route is very peaceful and runs very close to the town of Abarán, along the Segura River.

Noria Grande de Abarán, Murcia.

Monte Arabí, Declared a World Heritage Site

In Yecla, you can find a very special mountain that hides impressive rock formations and legends. It is Monte Arabí, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and it houses one of the most important sets of Rock Art in the Region.

Monte Arabí
Monte Arabí

Ghostly Erosions of Bolnuevo

At the foothills of the Sierra de las Moreras of the municipality of Mazarrón and next to Bolnuevo beach, peculiar sandstone rock formations rise. The force and power of the wind and water have created over the centuries this beautiful geological monument known as Las Gredas or Erosions of Bolnuevo. It is a gift for our senses, a place of impressive, unique shapes in our surroundings.

Bolnuevo rutas
Bolnuevo rutas

A Spa in the Heart of Nature: Poza de Somogil in Moratalla

Very close to Moratalla you can find the Poza de Somogil, a small spa in the heart of nature. This natural pool contains warm water that comes from inside the earth. The place is really magical and curious to visit, especially at sunset time. It is advisable to bathe with water shoes, to avoid slipping. Check before your visit in case the pool is dry.

Poza de Somogil. Moratalla

The Hermitage Nestled in the Mountains of Calasparra

A few kilometers from Calasparra is the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Esperanza. A place surrounded by nature with a curious and attractive hermitage nestled in a natural rock cave. It is worth a visit and taking the opportunity to have a picnic or go on a hiking route along the Segura River.

Sitios curiosos para visitar murcia
Sitios curiosos para visitar murcia

A 5 km Cave Inhabited in Prehistoric Times

The Cueva del Puerto is one of the caves with the longest horizontal extent in the region of Murcia. The geology inside is composed of galleries of great natural beauty. The tourist visit allows you to observe different rooms and galleries, formed by spectacular formations of various sizes and colors.

Cueva del agua
Cueva del agua

The Corcovado of Murcia: The Christ of Monteagudo

You’re probably familiar with Rio de Janeiro’s Corcovado, recognized as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Although it’s the most visited Christ statue, there are other cities with similar sculptures. In fact, in the town of Monteagudo, 5km from Murcia, you can find the Christ of Monteagudo situated atop a hill. Even Alfonso X the Wise once resided in the castle located at the foot of the Christ of Monteagudo!

Cristo de Monteagudo, Murcia
Cristo de Monteagudo, Murcia

What do you think about these quirky places spread around Murcia? Have they inspired you to visit any? Tell us about your experiences!

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